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This site contains a collection of short tutorials on jQAssistant. These tutorials are intended to support users of jQAssistant in their daily work and outline best practices. For more information and documentation visit https://jqassistant.org.

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Available Tutorials

Getting started with jQAssistant, Spring Boot and Maven

Integration of jQAssistant into a Spring Boot project which is built using Apache Maven.

Getting started with jQAssistant in a Maven Project

This tutorial shows you how you can use jQAssistant in a Maven project by integrating the jQAssistant Plugin.

Manage Package Dependencies

Define and verify allowed dependencies between components that are represented by package structures.

Analyzing Java’s Annotations with jQAssistant

This tutorial shows you how you can analyse Java annotations using jQAssistant.

Enforce Usage Of A Logging API

Enforce usage of a specific logging API like Slf4j in an application and avoid usage of unwanted frameworks.

Calculate Metrics

Describes how to calculate some common metrics.

Sharing Rules Between Projects

Create a plugin containing shared rules for using them in different projects.

Setting Up A Team Server

Describes the jQAssistant setup for using a remote Neo4j server within a CI build to provide teams a shared instance for exploration and analysis of their project.

Implementation Of A Scanner Plugin

Demonstrates the implementation of a scanner plugin.

Using 3rd-party Plugins

Demonstrates using 3rd-party plugins for the jQAssistant Maven plugin and command line utility.

Reporting jQAssistant Results In Jenkins

Describes the setup for reporting the status of jQAssistant rules as test results in Jenkins CI.

Getting started with jQAssistant and Domain Driven Design

Demonstrates how to map DDD concepts in the code to the graph and apply constraints using the DDD plugin,